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Find your newest best friend and help homeless dogs find their forever homes!

To add adoptable dogs, you will need to have a DogHeirs Profile. To add an Adoptable Dog profile, go to My Dogs and click on "Add a Dog". Once you have added the dog's profile, select "Ask For Help" under My Dogs to mark the dog as Adoptable.

Please note we are not affiliated with, nor in no way responsible, for any dog listed for adoption by an individual or organization. Due diligence is the responsibility of both parties involved.

Adoptable Dogs

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is not available for adoption. We transported Sweet Pea to and from an adoption event when she was 11 months old and fell madly in love with her. She came to live with us and we couldn't be happier.
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Wilson is not available for adoption. Wilson is a sweet guy with a rough history. Someone really made this guy scared of people, and somebody even tried to alpha roll him! Poor Wilson was afraid they were going to kill him! Wilson has been with us for about five years and we believe he is about 14. He has cataracts and is hard of hearing. He also suffers from CCD (canine dementia).
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Sweet boy blind in one eye was abandoned at my job rescued him
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I saved Bisou from the streets of Thailand. She used to be a pet, as she is used to humans and loves attention and cuddling. Sadly, she was dumped and was suffering from a terrible infection in her uterus. Currently she is fostered in Thailand, by the women who helped me to import my Thai dog. However, she ownes 15 dogs herself, and promised to help me get Bisou of the streets if I would...
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My baby was currently paralyzed after she made a wrong jump. I would love it if anyone could help me out with a fund to pay all her expenses. Anything is gladly appreciated. I've searched just about everything and I can't seem to find anything. I currently have to help her use the bathroom since she is numb all the way down to her back legs. If anybody knows about a fund please contact me.
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Bishon/Shih Tzu 13 yrs Sweetie-pie! Friendly Funny
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Delilah is a spayed Bearcoat SharPei adopted from a dog pound four-plus years ago. She's extremely loyal, loves to chase things, but doesn't get along with other dogs -- she needs to be Queen!
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Buddi is a 1-2 year old pit-mix that has been looking for his forever home for months now! He is currently living at ACCT Philly animal shelter, and has been for 2 months! He is very house trained, good with kids, okay with other dogs (no cats), playful, knows and follows commands. He would be a perfect family dog. Buddi loves to run, play tug, fetch and then when it's time to settle down, he...
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Meet Penny! She was born to Pepsi who came to our rescue pregnant in early June. Penny was born on 7/24 and is expected to be ready for adoption on or around 10/26. We are now accepting applications for her! Penny was the 3rd born and is the biggest of the litter. She is a healthy and happy puppy. Penny is the advanced puppy of the litter, very outgoing and always the first to reach...
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