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Ally FurAnimals
Ally FurAnimals Rescue is a foster-based, NO KILL rescue for small dogs...
Guardian of: 22 dogs
Has reported: 4 Alerts
Has earned: 2 recognitions

Ally FurAnimals 's Dogs


Meet Penny! She was born to Pepsi who came to our rescue pregnant in early June. Penny was born on 7/24 and is expected to be ready for adoption on or around 10/26. We are now accepting applications for her! Penny was the 3rd born and is the biggest of the litter. She is a healthy and happy puppy. Penny is the advanced puppy of the litter, very outgoing and always the first to reach...
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Pepsi was rescued by a volunteer with AFAR in early June 2013. A young girl approached our volunteer with two dogs that she had living in a car, ALONE, because they weren't welcomed by her roommates where she was residing. Pepsi is a 3 year old, 6lb primo lap dog! She loves to be with her one and only, cuddle and give kissies. Just a bit shy at first, once you win Pepsi over, she...
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Ella is a 2-3yo, FS, 16lb MinPin mix. Housebroken, good with dogs, kids and most people. She loves to snuggle and considers herself a lap dog. Ella is about the sweetest tempered girl you'll meet. If you'd like more information or an adoption application for Ella, email Ally at info@dontshopadopt.us *All adoptable pets are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, fecal tested/dewormed, microchipped, and on flea prevention. All AFARF adoptable pets are available to adopt to residents...
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Wolfie is a 1-2yo MN, 8lb, MinPin/Pom mix with a solid heart of gold and the Scooby Doo smarts! Currently being fostered with his sissy, Rubee--they are the most adorable pair and would be delightful adopted together or separately. Wolfie is super snuggly and loves to give kisses. He looks after his little sister and also loves the other small doggies he lives with. Wolfie's amazing foster mama takes him to the dog park where...
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Rubee is a very happy, wiggly, adorable little girl who seems to appreciate how lucky she is to be given a second chance at a better life. Little Rubee loves to give and get kisses. She also likes her Nylabones, shaking toys around, playing with other small dogs, and LOTS of belly rubs! Rubee is surprisingly well behaved indoors. She is housebroken and sleeps quietly in her cozy dog bed through the night without any...
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Lincoln is a 8-10mo, MN, 12lb Terripoo. He was living his life as a stray on the streets. Lincoln is a fun-loving guy. He LOVES to play with balls, toys, kids, people...anything! He just loves to play! Lincoln also has a strong desire for love and hugs. He is a kissy machine! Lincoln wants a family that will lavish him with love, praise and take him lots of fun places like (safe, clean) dog parks/beaches,...
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As you can see, Lainey is a stunning little girl! She is about 7 months old (May, 2013) and about 7lbs currently. She is growing though and could end up weighing 12-15lbs. This little one packs a lot of personality! Lainey is very playful and has an abundance of puppy energy. She plays in the yard and chases the ball for about a half hour 3-4 times a day just to tire her out! Oh...
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Snoopi is a a 8mo, FS, 7lb Chihuahua mix. She was rescued by good Samaritans who adored her but simply couldn't adopt another dog. on April 15th. Snoopi is recovering WONDERFULLY and will now be able to run, play, jump---all the fun puppy stuff without being in excruciating pain. Snoopi is a very playful and loving puppy. She is also an independent and bright gal. Snoopi does like her laptime, but doesn't have to have...
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Meet Rolo! A rescue friend was at the shelter to pick up a dog when she saw Rolo there with his owners. The lady with them didn't want poor Rolo anymore and was there to have him put to sleep ! The man with her was crying uncontrollably. My friend asked if she could help and the man immediately pleaded with her to take him...so, of course she did! Rolo seems to know he was...
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Beauty is a rescued, 1yo, FS, Chihuahua. She endured pure hell 2x over before reaching 6 months of age. http://animoto.com/play/YDsn7Al8nIJlH7OXk9ZAVQ See my article 'Beauty's Battle' for more info OR check out her FB page; www.facebook.com/BeautysDream
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