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About Cora

Name: Cora
Breed: Chihuahua
Color: tan
Sex: F
Date Of Birth: 2011-11-10
Description: Cora is a 1yo, F, Chi mix. I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue received a call on Tues, November 8th about a tiny dog abandoned in a local Walmart parking lot. Volunteers tried for 2 days to capture the quick pup. Animal Control was called by someone and even they could not catch this terrified Chi. An ICARE volunteer decided to call in a friend, Eldad Hagar. I had never heard of Eldad but he is AMAZING! After seeing videos of him in action, I am content to don him the 'Saint of Abandoned Street Dogs' (please see her RESCUE VIDEO on this page.) Thursday morning, November 10th, Eldad arrived on the scene and with the assistance of ICARE volunteer, Lisamarie, Cora was rescued! It took him about 4 hours of crawling under cars and a few cheeseburgers to get the job done. Finally the terrified and evasive pup was safe! She was given the very appropriate name of Cora, which in Italian means to 'have courage' and in Spanish means 'run'. Cora went straight to ICARE's veterinarian for an examination. She is very underweight at only 4lbs, malnourished and was covered in fleas. It also appeared that she had had at least one litter of puppies and recently came out of heat. She is slowly but surely coming out of 'survival' mode and learning to accept kindness and love, just as she deserves. Please check out her amazing rescue and share it with you friends! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eUSVz5yyhs&feature=colike Eldad records his rescues to show everyone what rescuers do everyday and to encourage all of us to do what we can to help an animal in need ♥
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Comments About Cora

Aren't they? You can't tell he's her pup, huh? Lol.. It will be so sweet if they're adopted together...he is such a big Mama's boy ♥
Oh Cora and Comet are beautiful!
Thank you MissT & DH Team! Her new profile pic is Cora (new name will be Kori) and her baby, Comet--in the arms of Cora/Kori's new forever Mommy! ...She is considering adopting Comet too =D
Congrats Ally! So happy Cora has found a home after all she's been through!
Congrats Ally and Cora! ♥
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