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Mixed Breed Experts

  • From Athens
  • Guardian of: 2 dogs
Animal Lover, Groomer and owner of Family Companions Pet Grooming Salon, LLC.
Janet McStay
  • From Poughkeepsie
  • Guardian of: 3 dogs
I am a single mom of two girls, 3 pups and a kitty. I am a crossposter on...
I live in downtown Chicago with my labradoodle, Lola, and our mixed-breed pup, Esau.
I live in Rudy, AR with my nine dogs and occasional foster dogs. I am a professional member...

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Millie is one of a large litter of 18,she was a rescue from RSPCA,she has been with us since 8 weeks of age.Loves the toy racoon,her football,sleeping in front of the tv and watching puppy videos on youtube with mum
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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is not available for adoption. We transported Sweet Pea to and from an adoption event when she was 11 months old and fell madly in love with her. She came to live with us and we couldn't be happier.
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I am a maltese-german hunt terrier mix! My name is Cookie but my mommy and daddy sometimes call me "Cookie monster" for fun. They say they don't know if I am more playfull, cute, or smart!
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my best friend ever
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