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Basset Hound Experts

Hi, I am an animal advocate and life long animal lover, who is currently owned and managed by...
I live in Rudy, AR with my nine dogs and occasional foster dogs. I am a professional member...
Michele Nieves
  • From Columbus
  • Guardian of: 3 dogs
i love my pets.i have a 2yo basset hound that adopted me last november,2 days after my soulmate(11yo...

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Wilson is not available for adoption. Wilson is a sweet guy with a rough history. Someone really made this guy scared of people, and somebody even tried to alpha roll him! Poor Wilson was afraid they were going to kill him! Wilson has been with us for about five years and we believe he is about 14. He has cataracts and is hard of hearing. He also suffers from CCD (canine dementia).
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Booger-Presley was the only boy born of the litter..
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Bijoux-Belle.... Is mommy's girl..
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Jessy-Belle is a Daddy's Girl. And has every way that her momma had...
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