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I'm a professional dog trainer & a breeder of working Central Asian...
Guardian of: 2 dogs

Anna's Dogs


Eve was born May 1, 1999 but the Date of Birth text bar doesn't allow for dogs born before 2002. She is retired now but she was formerly a tracking & obedience dog as well as a working pack dog. She is extremely aloof & shows affection by lying quietly at my feet. She has little use for the other dogs & prefers to keep to herself. She was my only dog for 8 years....
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URO1 CH Foxfire's Hell Hath No Fury, CGC, aka Astrid is a rough-coated CAS of aboriginal type. She is a very confident, medium-high ADR dog who is aloof with strangers off the property, highly suspicious of strangers on the property, & absolutely fearless in the face of a threat. With family, including the other dogs, she is loving & tolerant. She is the alpha dog of my pack.
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