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Life with dogs: Dog Laws, Ten Commandments and other rules to live by

For new dog guardians thinking of adding a dog to your family, here are a few guidelines to help you understand how humans and dogs may better coexist. For those of you who have lived a year or two with a furry friend, this is just here as a reminder! ;-)   Dogs Rules For Beginners 1. The dog is not allowed in the house.2. Okay, the dog is allowed in the house, but only...
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More about DogHeirs: the social utility for people who love dogs

So you've signed up to DogHeirs, set up your profile, uploaded a few pictures and browsed around the site. Now what? DogHeirs is all about celebrating life with dogs as members of the family, improving canine health and safety and helping dogs in need, so get involved! Committed dog lovers are the best breed of human! Add a profile for your dog. Click on "My Dogs" to add and manage your dog profiles. By completing...
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Newest Articles

Dogs never die, they just sleep in our hearts

We miss our beagle Ollie so much and still can't believe he is never coming back.Our house is so quiet without him.  He was Amazing dog and he will stay in our Hearts forever
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20 dogs who have fallen in love with their little humans

From the moment these dogs met the new baby they were smitten! They love being their little human's all around sleeping buddy. They don't mind being a soft pillow for the baby to lean on, or the blanket that keeps them warm. Take a look at 20 adorable photos of these new best friends. 1. 2. 3.  4.  5. 6. 7.  8. 9. 10. \11. 11. 12. 13. \14. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19....
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Little Red Riding Hood meets the big bad wolf?

Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to her Grandmother's house when she ran into the big bad wolf She wasn't sure what to think at first Was this wolf really big and bad? This was not the big bad wolf after all, Little Red Riding Hood found a friend instead Together the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood went to Grandmother's house These photos were just taken for fun, featuring Claire (2 years...
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Veteran Dog Receives Animal Medal of Honor For Her Bravery In The Line of Duty

Lucca, a bomb sniffing dog, was awarded the equivalent of the Medal of Honor for dogs after serving 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Lucca went on over 400 patrols while on duty. On her last mission she lost her leg in an IED explosion, but her handler was able to save her. Watch more of Lucca's achievements and her heroic story in the video below. 
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Tethering Dogs in Public: How to Reduce Bite Risk and Injury

There is nothing objectionable about taking your dog(s) for a walk to your local park, along the sidewalk, or to and from an activity that you can both enjoy outdoors. But, increasingly in both cities and small towns, dogs are being tethered to allow their owners to shop, dine, or "quickly run in to get something" from a convenience store. It seems like a harmless habit, but in reality, tethering your dog can result in...
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9 Dog Photos That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Dog just have a way of making us smile. Take these 9 dogs. A few have gotten into unexpected situations. Others have the cutest expressions. All are hilarious! 1. "This is why you shouldn't leave your kids alone with the dog." 2. "The best dog you'll see all day" 3. "human wtf is this little ugly dog doing on me" 4. "I don't think she likes that particular mask." 5. 6. "Always thought this blanket...
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Dogs separated by Fort McMurray fire find each other again in “miracle reunion”

Two little dogs separated during Fort McMurray fire found each other again at a rescue evacuation centre for animals. The dogs met by chance after becoming separated them from each other and from their family. One dog was seriously traumatized by the events and was being looked after by Karen Allen a veterinarian in Edmonton, Alberta. She took care of the small black and white spaniel cross when the dog arrived in the middle of...
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15 Funny Dogs Who Deeply Disapprove Of Their Human's Actions

I'm pretty sure you've experienced "the look". You know the one. The look of disapproval. The one where your dog levels their eyes at you and tells you how disappointed they are in you. That you didn't share your pizza with them... Or, you cut playtime at the dog park short. Or you ignored them because you were reading, cleaning, sleeping, etc. You know, basically doing anything other than paying attention to them. If you...
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Heroic man saves puppy from burning Fort McMurray home and reunites him with family

In the past week wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta have caused mass destruction and displaced over 80,000 people from their homes. When the evacuation order came, some families were forced to depart the city without being able to retrieve their pets from home. Stephanie Greene and her family could only post desperate messages on Facebook, pleading for help from anyone who might be close to her home to rescue their puppy Max. It turns out...
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Airlines bend the rules so pets can fly coach with their owners fleeing wildfires

Most airlines have strict rules when it comes to flying with pets, but in the wake of the devastating Fort McMurray wildfire, two airlines have bent the rules to allow families to fly with their pets in the main cabins along with their owners. As many Alberta families were forced to evacuate the city on a moment's notice, they were unable to grab anything from their home, including crates and supplies for their pets. The...
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