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Safety and Emergency Care

Veterinarians Warn Dog Owners To Watch Out For Chocolate Poisoning During Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays is a great time for children to enjoy activities filled with surprise Easter egg hunts and chocolatey treats. As fun as Easter weekend can be for the youngsters, it's also a time for pet parents to be vigilant that their dogs do not get accidentally poisoned.  Veterinarians are cautioning dog owners to keep an eye on their dogs around chocolate Easter treats. Veterinarians say that the Easter holidays is the second-busiest time...
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How to safely break up a dog fight

If you've ever taken your dog to a dog park or to an off-leash walk you've probably seen two dogs get into a fight at some point or other. It can be a terrifying sight. Many pet parents panic and don't know what to do. Oftentimes, people will do exactly what they shouldn't do and get bitten as a result. That's because many people have never learned what methods are unsafe and what ones are...
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Newest Articles

Dog Boarding Is an Excellent Way of Pet-Sitting Your Dogs

You might experience difficult time when you have to get out of town for business, ceremony, vacation or other significant events leaving behind your pets. Your dogs would be a big concern on your mind when you are not there for a few days to take care of them. What to do with your dogs when you will not see them for a while? This is the question that might perturb your journey. You might...
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A Comprehensive Guide On Taking Care Of Your Dog

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. And a man’s best friend definitely needs to be treated special and important. So here are few tips that will help you in enhancing your dog's health. Feeding Your Dog It is important that you feed healthy food to your dog. So when you buy dog food, remember to read the label carefully. Make sure the ingredients include meat and not some meat-like or meat by-product. It...
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Seven Signs Your Dog Is Ready to Bite and How To Avoid Them

Every dog owner has two intrinsic fears; that their dog will become injured, or that their dog will injure another dog or person. The emphasis for most training and resource articles is to train the behavior of aggression or anxiety out of a dog; which is as ineffective as asking a human being with anxiety to calm down, or getting angry with someone who is nervous and insecure.  When dog owners do not detect clear...
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Four Things That You Should Know When Suing Over Dog Bite Injuries

(Image Source) Dogs can make the best pets, but sometimes, they can harm people – whether knowingly or unknowingly. Dog bites can cause serious damage, even resulting in death. Worst, still, is that more than 50 percent dog bite injuries involve children younger than 12 years old. Over 4.7 million dog bites are reported in the U.S. every year, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of these, almost 800,000 seek medical attention,...
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Dog Minding Service for your Dog’s Happiness

Pet dogs are as important as the other family members, and all the pet lovers agree with this statement. Dogs are being treated as part of the family, and they are loved, fed and attended just like any other family member. While you are out of the town, on a tour or holiday trip, then it becomes a difficult situation for the dog. But how about if you get help in giving your dog the...
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What to do if you see a dog left out in the cold

Every winter there are dogs who die outside in the cold. As much as people are aware of the problems of leaving dogs in hot cars, leaving dogs in cold cars can be equally dangerous, as can leaving them outside. It goes without saying that if you see a dog left in a car in the freezing cold without it running to keep the inside warm, then please call the authorities. For dogs left outside...
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Take Proper Efforts in Choosing a Doggy Day Care Centre

Leaving your dog in a day-care centre might also be an emotionally draining task for you. Agreed, this tends to be extremely difficult, but if you have to do this then you need to make sure of certain factors to make sure that your loved one is treated right just as you would care for your pet. By following certain guidelines, you can get rid of your fears and be assured your dog is being...
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10 critical steps to take if you see a dog in a hot car

I hope you never have to be in the situation where you find a dog trapped in a hot car. But if you do, it's important to have a few tips in your pocket before pulling out the crowbar and smashing a vehicle's window. Common sense is the place to start, and being forearmed with some knowledge also goes a long way. 1. Know what the laws are in your area. Every town or state...
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Dog Kennels - A Comfortable Place for Your Pet

If you are thinking of buying a pet dog, don’t forget to plan the kennel as this becomes equally important and plays a big role in training your pet easily and efficiently. It is advisable to get your pet first and then look out for the kennel as you need to consider the breed and the size before you opt for a kennel. A dog kennel provides a shelter for your puppy from natural weather...
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8 Tips To Choose The Best Transport Service For Your Dog

Long-distance travel has its on our pets. It causes anxiety, disorientation, distress, and in extreme cases, even proves fatal. However, if you take care of the basic steps of pet transport, the experience will not be so harrowing for your beloved pet. If you are planning to move your dog to your new home, which involves a travel to a new destination of more than a couple of hours in a truck or van, then...
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Questions About Safety and Emergency Care

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