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About Dubarry

Name: Dubarry
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Black
Sex: F
Date Of Birth:
Description: approximately 90#, Mastiff or Great Dane/Lab mix with large jowls, very long, skinny "gay" tail (curves upward slightly). Dumped in the country and found me 8/2007. She was already spayed and microchipped. Well-mannered, rarely barks. Rarely comes when called, loves to be chased.
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Weight 90.0 lb

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Registration Information

Microchip number: 486131085D
Tattoo number:

Tag Number:
Licensed in Municipality/City of:
Expiry Date:


Type Item Brand Notes
Staple Dry food Purina 4-5 cups each evening with a pig ear or biscuit snack in the morning. No changes in diet.
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Immunization First Booster Second Booster Third Booster Latest Booster
Adenovirus 2011-09-14
CAV2-Hepatitis 2011-09-12
Parvovirus 2011-09-14
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