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Mom Can’t Find Her Glasses, Then She Notices What Her Dog Has Done and Can’t Stop Laughing

Dogs always have a way of bringing a smile to the faces of the ones they love. Dexter the cockapoo puppy steals his mom’s reading glasses, but when he walks into the room with them, the entire family bursts out laughing at what he's done.
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Kindhearted Men Save Dog Stranded On Ice Floe

Russian fishermen were out on the water when they spotted a dog stuck on an ice floe and drifting down river. In the video clip, the kind-hearted men can be seen making their way over to the stranded dog. But the frightened and damp dog takes some convincing and paces nervously on the narrow piece of ice before the men are able to coax him over to their boat. Thankfully, they are able to convince...
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Would you get a tattoo of your dog?

Would you get a tattoo as a tribute to your dog? Many people choose to get tattoos as memorials in honor of their dogs. Others prefer to get tattoos of their dogs before they've passed on. While some like portraits of their dogs, others ink their dog's name or paw print as a celebration of the love they have for their best friends. Do you have a tattoo to honor your dog already? If you...
Poll Would you get a tattoo as a tribute to your dog? Vote now!
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Please share this story. These angels on earth help this abused pitbull dumped, they refused to let animal control take the dog and now they need funds to help this baby. Please let's help them help him. http://www.kiiitv.com/story/23614335/good-samaritans-rescue-abused-pit-bull-found-tied-up
Very cute, thanks for sharing!
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