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Man breaks into apartment when building is on fire and helps save dogs left home alone

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | March 02, 2017 | Comments (0)

When a fire broke out in a South Dakota apartment complex because of a lightning strike, Spencer Butler, a friend and some strangers run door-to-door checking apartments for people and pets. Spencer went to see the fire and brought his camera and he and his friend soon realized they could help. It's a good thing they did because behind one door was a scared Corgi all alone.

Watch the dramatic POV footage that Spencer filmed while searching the apartments. Seeing and hearing the flames at 2:11 is terrifying! But thanks to their efforts they saved three dogs and no lives were lost. The fire caused a partial roof collapse but firefighters extinguished the blaze and no one was hurt.

A couple of firefighters have commented on Spencer's video saying overall they did a good job, but gave a couple of pointers for anyone in the future:

"Check doors for heat with the back of your hand starting from the top of the door to the bottom if you sense heat through more than half of the door DO NOT OPEN it could cause a smoke explosion and kill you and anyone inside! Also, if doors are not hot and you have opened them, close them behind you once you clear the house/apt open doors create pathways of air to get to fire and could spread it even faster."

It's also a good idea that if you have pets, put a pet alert sticker by your door to help firefighters know what type of pets and how many you have in your home.

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