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Peaches is available for adoption!

About Peaches

Name: Peaches
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: blue
Sex: F
Date Of Birth: 2014-05-10
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Contact Peaches's Guardian

joy tombo

  • +639228229588; +639499005667

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Comments About Peaches

Peaches was given to us by my husband's friend a few days before she was 2 months old. A few weeks after we got her she suddenly developed weakness on both hind legs that eventually developed into severe pain causing her to be unable to stand. The first vet we went to said there is no available treatment for her in our area and that all she can get is supportive care. The vet even suggested that should we find it difficult to care for her, euthanasia would be an option. However, I really cared about the dog a lot I sought for second opinion from another vet who prescribed Vit. B and low dose Prednisone. A week later she was pain free but still unable to move her hind legs or wag her tail. It has been over two months since it happened. Now she is more active but still cannot stand up. We try to use a harness to help her stand but her limbs are now splayed for being on prone the whole time. I was also hesitant to force her to do side lying early on as she might be injured again. Now all she can do is crawl like she swims on the floor. We also try to let her swim in a small pool but there is not much movement on the hind legs though now it has improved sensation. It has been so difficult taking care of her because there are no available therapies or treatments available in our area and our home remedies take so much of my time and energy that I am almost burn out. SO if someone else can give better care and has access to treatment for her condition, we are willing to give her up no matter how emotionally difficult. So if anyone out there can help Peaches, please contact us asap. She is a sweet and smart dog who just needs the help we cannot provide.
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