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My Details

Name: D Mowers
Website: http://www.dogheirs.com/dogsarefamily/posts/5149-updated-sweet-dog-who-waited-over-a-year-for-a-new-forever-home-gets-the-best-outcome-possible
About Me: Fiona’s new forever-adoption was finalized on 13 Apr 2013. Kirra’s new forever-adoption was finalized on 18 Mar 2014. I am still in search of peace, stability, safety, and a forever-home for myself. A link to KIRRA’s STORY is above. A FB Page – KIRRA and FIONA: HOW THEY WERE RAISED is at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.539097266120227.171311.100000598756130&type=3&l=35a25a00ec

My Dogs

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Recently Asked Questions

Micro-Chip company out of business where does Pet information go?

My girls were micro-chipped via Animal Control, thru a Discount Company, who appear to have gone out of business www.microchipexpress.com no longer able to find ‘their’ website. I wanted to make sure my girl’s micro-chip numbers always have a contact number, either mine or their new family’s. Is there a ‘central database’ to check if you know a micro-chip number?  If not, then my girl’s micro-chips no longer serve a purpose?
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My Comments

I give you my permission to advertise for Kirras adoption on my profile page on DogHeirs if you wish. Merry Christmas D Mowers.
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D Mowers


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