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Dogs are family at DogHeirs, where we are passionate about helping dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives. We're building the best place for serious dog lovers to care for dogs in their families, dogs in their neighborhoods and dogs in need.

Here are some reasons why you'll love joining us.


Protect and Care For Your Dog

Personalized Health Records For Your Dog. Create a profile for your dog to keep track of your dog's medical history, vaccination schedule, nutritional needs, and other important information, so that it is accessible any time you need it.

Ask For Help. If you have a question about caring for your fur friend ask our members. And if your dog ever goes missing, be sure to use our free tools to create a Lost Dog Report, posters, and get others involved in helping you to find and return your lost pet.


Share your love of dogs with fellow dog enthusiasts

Write articles, post videos, share photos. Content shared on DogHeirs reaches millions of dog lovers every day! Our community platform makes it easy to share content with fellow members. Whether you are a dog guardian, foster parent or animal rescue, any member is welcome to write and share stories, post their favorite videos and upload photos for everyone to enjoy.


Give a Helping Hand to Dogs in Need

Help adoptable dogs find forever homes. If you a foster dog parent or run a shelter/rescue and have dogs up for adoption you can add a dog profile on DogHeirs and flag the dog as "adoptable". You can also share the special stories of your rescue dogs to help spread the word about dogs who need help, animal welfare and your organization.


Learn More About Canine Health and Safety

Research Canine Diseases and Health Concerns. We provide a supportive environment where dog lovers can assist each other, ask questions, research and share their knowledge of caring for dogs with disease and health issues, because sharing information saves lives! We publish articles and blogs to help improve canine health by sharing medical and lifestyle information for dogs affected by canine genetic diseases such as Syringomyelia, Degenerative Myelopathy and Hypertonicity, as well as general care tips to help safeguard dogs from emergencies and health risks.

Please note: Information on DogHeirs is not designed to diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease. DogHeirs services are intended for educational, informational, and research purposes only.


Help Safeguard Pets in Your Neighborhood with NeighborHound Watch

Receive and Share Safety Alerts. DogHeirs NeighborHound Watch broadcasts alerts of dangers and lost dogs in your local community and abroad. You can receive and share alerts of dangers for pets such as wildlife sightings, food recalls, poisonings, product recalls and criminal activity, to warn fellow pet parents.

Report and Help Find Lost Dogs. If someone you know has their pet go missing, let them know we have free tools to help them in recovering their lost pet. Participate in searches for lost dogs in your neighborhood and share your efforts in real-time by updating the lost dog's search map on DogHeirs.


There's lots more to do!

Look for dog-friendly parks in your area or share your own favorite spot to walk dogs. Look up dog experts, research dog breeds, and shop at our Store for latest our BarQR products.

Do you run a service or business for pets and pet owners? Create an Organization Profile on DogHeirs to promote your expertise and help people find your services. We also have sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Contact us for details.

DogHeirs is the best way to connect with serious dog lovers!



Show your support!

Want to help protect and care for dogs everywhere? Spread the word about DogHeirs and our NeighborHound Watch program!

Grab one of our web badges for your blog or website. Don't see the size you need? Send us your request.

We've also included our NeighborHound Watch poster for download if you'd like to print one off to post at your local dog park or dog-friendly venue.

To grab a badge copy and paste the HTML in the box below the graphic you've selected. Sizes listed are in pixels.


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Grab a real Badge

NeighborHound Watch Badge Buttons are available at our our Store.





NeighborHound Watch Poster (PDF download)

NeighborHound Watch Poster

Download the 8.5 inch x 11 inch poster (93 KB)

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