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Helping Non Profits

DogHeirs Giving Back Program helps dogs in need

The DogHeirs community is composed of some of the most passionate, influential and generous dog lovers in the world. With over 3.4 million unique visitors and 7.2 million pages served every month, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars and helped dogs in desperate need of care, rehabilitation and homes receive the support they needed to live happy, healthy lives.

The DogHeirs Giving Back Program gives our community an additional way to support rescue dogs and the organizations that take care of them. Rescues that join our program as Donation Recipients will be featured on DogHeirs.com.

We also help our Donation Recipients raise funds for dogs in their care. This is done through a combination of direct donations and sponsorships. Contact us at team@dogheirs.com for more details. 


Sponsors of our Program

Every purchase of a Dogs are Family T-Shirt triggers donations towards the medical care and rehabilitation of dog in need. Interested in becoming a co-sponsor?

Dogs are family at DogHeirs.com


DogHeirs will donate $5 with the sale of every Dogs are Family T-Shirt to Donation Recipients.





Apply to become a Donation Recipient of our Giving Back Program

To apply to become a donation recipient please email us at team@dogheirs.com with the following information:

  1. Your Non-Profit's Name
  2. Your Name
  3. Your Position
  4. Phone Number
  5. Your Email
  6. Your Website URL
  7. Photos, videos and any other materials to accompany a complete description of the dog in your care in desperate need of aid. Please include the dog's background, rescue, current status and future needs.



What Donation Recipients have to say about the DogHeirs Giving Back program

"Sydney was blessed with the miracle of the DogHeirs Giving Back Program. It gave Sydney and our sanctuary the promise of hope and the gift of true kindness. If your program welcomes us again for a dog in need at our sanctuary, it would again come as another miracle. After all, I see it no other way as I write these words with tears in my eyes. I have never in my life ever felt such pure and absolute gratitude towards your group." 

"In a world where we often feel alone and helpless (and overwhelmed facing large veterinary and surgical costs to help a dog in need), the DogHeirs Giving Back Program is a compassionate helping hand. It reaches out and you can feel the love from animal lovers all over the world."
- France Turcotte, Founder, Valley Mastiff Rescue
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"It's a wonderful program"
- Shauna Brown, Floyd County Animal Shelter
Read Castle's article


"I feel it [being a Donation Recipient] contributed to our Facebook page gaining an additional 600 likes and tripled the amount asked to raise for Lucky, and I think you were a big part of that."
- Danielle Stewart, President/Founder, Apollo Support & Rescue
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Examples of how DogHeirs has helped dogs in need

"I really, really appreciate you writing the article. It definitely got Circles the jump start he need to begin his journey."
- Bill Gray, founder, Second Chance Boxer Rescue
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"I do know your article was a HUGE help to us! Right after it was published the donation site, the petition and the Facebook page all blew up. And the article even helped people not on your page to understand the situation because I posted it on Facebook as the 'go to' informative on the background of the case. I cannot thank you enough."
- Carissa Curry
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"Thanks to an incredible out-pouring of support from the compassionate people here on DogHeirs...and elsewhere, we have managed to raise the money needed to get Legion transferred to...Best Friends in Utah. All of us here at Legions' Legion would especially like to thank YOU, the DogHeirs community for your commitment to Legion, and for the donations that made his transfer possible."
- Deborah Stephenson, for Legion's Legion
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"I believe it was Martha, that posted the story to DogHeirs. Wow - talk about viral! The response was incredible! Offers from all over the US and outside the country as well."
- Suzanne Buckles, Good Samaritan
Read Sweetie and Tuffy's article





"The Toledo-area rescue set up a chip-in account to collect enough money to pay for a skin graft, to cover a large wound on the back of Mr. Jenkins head, and to remove a portion of an injured paw. Days later, donations, from as far away as Australia, poured in from DogHeirs readers and quickly reached the $700.00 needed to pay for the procedures."
- Angi Gonzalez, News Anchor, WNWO
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"The Peterson family found out about Rolo's sad story from Dogs Are Family's Facebook page!"
- Ally Schlabaugh, Founder, Ally FurAnimals Rescue
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