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Coco is available for adoption!

About Coco

Name: Coco
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Blonde
Sex: F
Date Of Birth: 2008-06-27
Description: THIS IS VERY URGENT. Coco is 5 years old. Her human died and the wife could not keep her because she was moving to a smaller home where larger (59 lbs Shepard Labrador, mostly Lab) dogs not allowed. I took her because the owners wife was going to put her down. Dog's like this don't come around often. Coco is very loveable and affectionate. Smart as a whip. She is spayed, and is house broken (she will let you know when she has to go), Pen trained and has been blessed twice by the church. She will just go to her pen when left open and sleep. She sits and loves her belly scratched. And understand the words no and no more. And does not chew on anything but her toy's. I can't keep her because of illness. I have allergies to Coco and I hurt my back and legs I must use a wheel chair for awhile. I have no one to help me so the urgency in finding Coco a good, loving home is urgent ! Coco is due at the end of the month for her shots. I have her health records. Please if anyone can help it would be wonderful. I have all her things (pen and toy's. Car seat holder for car etc...) The only thing is if she gets out your door she is a dasher. So please just put her in her pen before opening doors. She loves the outdoors so if you have a space for her to run that would be Great. AND Coco is not a big barker and most of all a faithful and loveable pet. She is to good of a dog, healthy. Please help Coco find her forever home! Contact me (Janet) at phooohbear@aol.com
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Contact Coco's Guardian

Registration Information

Microchip number: I have her health records
Tattoo number:

Tag Number:
Licensed in Municipality/City of: ZEPYRHILLS FLORIDA 33542
Expiry Date: 2013-03-04

Kennel Club: N/A
Registered Name: COCO MILLER
Registration Number:
Additional information: I have all her health records. It would be a crime to put her down. She is the perfect dog. My name is Janet and my email is phooohbear@aol.com. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.......THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

Comments About Coco

aw man she's so cute i would love to have her but i live in a small 2 room apartment i will ask around to my friends and ask if they want a dog !
If I were in Same Place I would Take her in a min.sorry & good luck
Janet and Coco: That is awesome! I hope they can help you and Coco out. She sounds so wonderful. Thank you for taking care of her and saving her.
Hi Laura. I just contacted.heidislegacydogrescue. They do have a person who is located in Tampa, Florida. Thank you . Sincerely, Janet and Coco too!
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