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Ask questions you have about your dogs or dog-related issues. You can also help answer by respectfully expressing your opinion, sharing your experiences and providing your best care tips!

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Recently Asked Questions

Dogs won't since my surgery

So, I had surgery a week ago and had to return to the hospital due to some setbacks. Our dogs, three Chis,are being looked after by my husband and in-laws who is helping us out. But they are not eating as much. Whenever, I'm home they lay next to me as usual but seem saddened by the situation. Any ideas to support them at this time? Thanks.
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Go fund me reqeuest

Is there anyway that you could share my go fund me link on your Facebook account. I am trying to raise money to get my dog a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her intestine. If you can I would be so gracious the link is www.gofundme.com/helpvegaswithcance  let me know if this is something that you are able to do. Thank you so much!!   Laura Thomas  
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Convenia given to lactating dog

Bought a golden retriever from a careful breeder, in the business for 30 years. When puppies were born the mom was given Convenia after her section. The puppies got sick . When the breeder learned that Convenia had been given innapropriately, she took the puppies off the mom, and another mom fed them. My puppy is 6 months old, just had bloodwork done and his levels were completely horrible. Had fluids, untrasounds, urinalysis. His kidneys...
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would like to donate 7 puppies to be trained to be servic dogs
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My Angel Tess

I keep having this recurring dream. About 8 years ago I had to get my angel Tess euthanized and I was too upset to take her to the vet, so my mum took her for me. as soon as she left I felt so guilty and knew I had made the wrong decision to not be there with her when she passed. Anyway, a few years ago I started having this dream. I dream that...
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Popular Questions

Therapy Dog Training

Hi All, My Chi, Babie, used to be a comfort dog for her previous owner before she passed away.  Well, that's what we were told when we adopted her.  Her calm disposition and response to when someone gets hurt prove to us that she should get back to helping others again.  We are in AZ and wondering if anyone knows a good/reputable place to get her trained. Thanks for your advice in advance. Mo
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Saved chihuahua training?

Hello, I am just curious as to how training a chihuahua from a Humane society goes over?  Are they scared for a while, or does it get better after so long?   I am just curious and thought that this would be the place to ask.   Thanks!
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