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Dog Hears His Little Human Having a Tantrum and Does the Most Adorable Thing

Why is Doey the Corgi called the "tantrum stopper" by his family? Well, when Dooey's little human is bawling her eyes out, he jumps into action. Just look what he does! This is why dogs are THE best! 
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Rescued Golden Retriever Picks Out a Toy For The First Time in Her Life

At 1-year-old, Roo the rescued Golden Retriever has never had any toys. She grew up imprisoned, starved and neglected. When Brian Beker volunteered to foster her, he had no special skills nor experience with fearful dogs. He was just as scared as she was. But when he rescued her, he swore she would never suffer again. That’s why he takes her to the pet store for a very special treat. This is the first time...
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Woman Spots Her Dogs Sleeping and Films Hilarious Surprise

When Gretchen Hoey went looking for her Basset Hounds she found them all squeezed inside their dog house. They are so packed in it's like they are creating their own funny version of a clown car! 
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Dachshund's hilarious performance gets her some well-earned treats

We love seeing dogs perform amazing tricks and this one is definitely one of the funniest we’ve ever seen! This trick is called the “running bang” and Gracie the Dachshund does a pretty amazing job doing it!
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Funny Great Dane Demands His Dad Give Him A Piece Of Sandwich

Ron sure has his hands full with his Great Dane Dinky! When Dinky notices dad is enjoying an homemade egg sandwich, he makes sure dad knows that he wants some. “Linda listen” says Ron, “You didn’t your food, why do you want mine?!” In response, Dinky notches up his begging routine a bit more and starts rumbling “I love you”. That’s when Dinky’s brother Romeo joins in and tries the silent approach with the mournful...
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Cute Bull Terrier is So Excited to Play on Trampoline with Her Little Human

Check out Lola the Bull Terrier have the time of her life on a trampoline with her little human!
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Naughty Dogs Refuse to Confess Who Ate the Bag of Treats

This pet parent stepped out of the house for a few minutes, only to discover an entire bag of Dentastix treats had been devoured. But which one of her dogs did it? She confronts her dogs April (the Jack Russell) and BB to find out who did the naughty deed. They both look very guilty, but neither confesses to the crime. Instead the dogs respond with the classic, “Whatever you do, don’t look her in...
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Basset Hound is Definitely Not a 'Morning Person'

Maclin, the Basset Hound, refuses to get out of bed, despite the playful and numerous attempts to wake him up by his dad, Ben Nispel, and his doggie sibling, Marley.  "He has a rare and incurable condition called Basset Hound," says Ben. "The side effects can typically be mitigated by food though." LOL!
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Dog Learns Funny Life Lesson About Grass

Digby the dog is out for a walk in Centennial Park with his dad when he learns a big lesson about ducks and grass and that everything is not always what it seems!
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Dog Makes the Most Adorable Sounds In His Sleep

Eddie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes the sweetest sounds during a nap. The dreaming pup lets out a happy "yip", you'd think he was chasing squirrels or visiting with friends at the dog park!
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This dog getting such loving and gentle care after he injured his paw

Frozen grass is not  friendly for a beagle ​​paws, Charlie hurt his paw and now he limps.  There is no need to worry because Charlie has the best care in the world and the wound is just a scratch
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Smoking hot firefighters pose with rescue dogs to help shelter animals

Their job is to serve their community and protect people. But when they're not busy putting out fires and helping save people's lives, these good-looking firefighters are volunteering their time to help shelter dogs. Every year firefighters in Charleston, South Carolina help the Charleston Animal Society raise funds through a calendar. The handsome men pose with dogs (and kittens) who need a home, and needless to say, it's always a big hit.  The 2015 Charleston Firefighters...
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Polite Dog Knows Exactly What To Do When It's Time To Come Inside

Daisy the dog has learned a new trick that not only helps her, it helps her humans. Watch as she lets herself inside and politely closes the door behind her. What a clever cutie!
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Santa Claus Makes Special Stop To Visit Dogs At Doggie Daycare

Santa Claus made a special visit to all the good dogs at a doggie daycare to make sure they all got a special gift. He handed out stuffed toys...needless to say, the dogs are very happy to see him!
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Cute beagle Meets Newborn Baby For the First Time

Remember Charlie the Beagle?  In this video, he is meeting his human baby.  Watch how Charlie accepts the new family member with immediate acceptance and love.  The dad makes Charlie feel included when he holds his baby girl in his arm.  Charlie lies on Dad's shoulder at the same time, as if he wants to be a part of holding the little girl too.   Charlie is so nurturing.
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Dogs never die, they just sleep in our hearts

We miss our beagle Ollie so much and still can't believe he is never coming back.Our house is so quiet without him.  He was Amazing dog and he will stay in our Hearts forever
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Adopt a Senior Month Alumni Update: Kuri

Senior Spotlight! November is #AdoptaSeniorPetMonth! In honor of this, DC Shiba Inu Rescue is sharing updates on some of our alumni who were adopted as seniors.  Kurisumasu is a senior girl who was adopted earlier this year. Here is an update from Kuri's mother:I adopted 13 year old Kuri on April 23, 2016 along with puppy mill rescue, Mitsu.  Prior to adopting these beautiful girls, I shared my life with my Shiba Inu, Sapphire, who died unexpectedly on...
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20 dogs who have fallen in love with their little humans

From the moment these dogs met the new baby they were smitten! They love being their little human's all around sleeping buddy. They don't mind being a soft pillow for the baby to lean on, or the blanket that keeps them warm. Take a look at 20 adorable photos of these new best friends. 1. 2. 3.  4.  5. 6. 7.  8. 9. 10. \11. 11. 12. 13. \14. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19....
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Jack Russell hilariously loses it when dad mention "squirrels"

Kallie goes absolutely nuts at any mention of squirrels! Watch as she totally loses it in this adorable instance (there were actually on squirrels present!)
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DUMPED AT SHELTER: Blind 13-yr-old female dog with cancer

Sayuri's story: Sayuri is a blind 13-year-old female Shiba/Pom mix that was dumped at a shelter in Georgia. Her family wrote down the reason for surrender, "landlord wouldn't let keep." Because of Sayuri's extensive medical needs, she was only available to rescue. DC SIR has a soft spot for seniors and brought her into their rescue to give her the care she needed. Like all their rescues, Sayuri got a voice to tell her journey. She...
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