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My Name is Wilfred van Schuppen, I am a Dutch citizen and...
Guardian of: 3 dogs

Wilfred's Dogs


Jules was a dog I got from the age of 8 months. I picked him up from a girl who kept him in a caravan but was amazed that this dog could tare the place appart if left alone for the whole day. She didn't understand his behaviour or did care about him enough. He stayed with us since and he was able to go to our day care center with us to enjoy the...
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Rhody is clearly the boss. Allthough she is insecure of caracter she tends to use a very bitchy way in order to make clear to any dog:" don't mess with me". Her black color gives her that extra effect that makes most dogs being respectfull to her wishes. Rhody is like her sister pointed towards one owner, in this case my wife as htey were hers from the beginning.
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Rhonda and her sister Rhody are now 10 years old. Rhonda is social in her behaviour but tends to force her will on humans. She is easy to stop but her ways of trying to do what she wants is often entertaining to watch. She is a mixed breed of German Sheperd and pomeranian.
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